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New Traveling Laws Will Take Place For Travelers Entering the U.S.

Covid-19 cases have increased throughout the world, however, Covid mandates have been lightened over the past year. How can the Biden administration keep Covid cases down so that the world may function as it once did?

Taking effect Monday, December 6, 2021, the Biden Administration has ruled that all travelers flying into the United States from another country must have a negative Covid test the day before their departure. This rule has also been approved by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This Covid mandate was first announced by President Joe Biden Thursday, December 2, 2021, along with a new way to combat Covid-19 this winter. Since the newly imposed threat of the new Covid-19 variant strain, Omicron, scientists have been working diligently to determine how transmissible the variant is, how sick it will make people, as well as how well the current vaccines will work against it. President Joe Biden claimed that, “Experts say that Covid-19 cases will continue to rise in the weeks ahead and this winter, so, we need to be ready.”

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