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It’s Okay to Not Have Enough Money to Buy Christmas Presents.

Christmas is one extraordinary holiday where families and friends gather to celebrate each others company and happiness with gifts. Except, what if someone doesn’t have enough money to buy Christmas presents?

There should be no shame in not getting others Christmas presents, many college students, low working class independents, and some parents do not have the financial gain to support others so willingly. Minimum wage jobs, economic increase on housing/rent, car payments/gas, groceries, school, and more have risen exponentially, which have caused a low return for money going towards savings. During Christmas, many people spend over $200 to make their spouse, children, siblings, and parents happy to prove that they thought about them for Christmas and they received a gift. However, the notion that if an individual does not have the financial means to support others for Christmas and does not provide a gift should be widely accepted by many.

Care can be shown in many different ways than buying gifts. Alternatives to celebrate Christmas with loved ones is to help cook breakfast and/or dinner, do volunteer work to help the less fortunate be happy during the holidays, write letters to St. Jude’s hospital, have a karaoke fest with your family, and so much more. Saving money is essential for the betterment of anyone’s life. With great ways to show gratitude and revel in the happiness that Christmas brings, it is okay to not have enough money to buy Christmas presents.

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