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Latest from Alex Knox the GLAM GIRL

Interview Preparations

Preparing for the interview I held was definitely a challenge, and something I had to carefully plan out speaking with a high military official. Due to my parents being in the military and having government jobs I am well aware of how the military works to a small degree. Interviewing Lieutenant Colonel N’Keiba Estelle wasContinue reading “Interview Preparations”

Interview Questions

Joining the military may benefit your life in more ways than you know. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel N’Keiba Estelle, speaks on the benefits of joining the military and how well it benefited her life. Between medical care, education, travel, and career advancements the military was the best route for Lt Col Estelle. Questions I wouldContinue reading “Interview Questions”


Heroism is for those who have protected, fought, and stood up for our country such as the brave military on the battlefields, those who fight wars in cyber within communication squadrons, skilled interpreters, medical care providers, and more. For her bravery, leadership, critical thinking, and strategic mindset, the woman I would like to interview isContinue reading “Interview”

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