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Latest from Alex Knox the GLAM GIRL

9-Year-Old Child Bride Was Rescued

9-year-old girl, Parwana Malik was rescued from an immoral child marriage, and was safely brought to Afghanistan by an aid group that saves children from child marriages. During her journey to safety, Parwana said, “I am really happy.” Parwana and other young girls were about to be sold into child marriages to older gentlemens by…

It’s Okay to Not Have Enough Money to Buy Christmas Presents.

Christmas is one extraordinary holiday where families and friends gather to celebrate each others company and happiness with gifts. Except, what if someone doesn’t have enough money to buy Christmas presents? There should be no shame in not getting others Christmas presents, many college students, low working class independents, and some parents do not have…

New Traveling Laws Will Take Place For Travelers Entering the U.S.

Covid-19 cases have increased throughout the world, however, Covid mandates have been lightened over the past year. How can the Biden administration keep Covid cases down so that the world may function as it once did? Taking effect Monday, December 6, 2021, the Biden Administration has ruled that all travelers flying into the United States…

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