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Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal news covers a variety of local news, events, and topics that focus on small geographically areas such as your home town and or state. Exploring a few hyperlocal news site I came across Bay News 9, The American Marketing Association in Tampa Bay (, as well as

Bay News 9 presents local news around the Tampa Bay area showcasing articles about Halloween events this 2021 in Tampa, the success of health care workers, weekly weather reports and the best beaches to relax at. The most interesting thing to me was the highlight coverage stories that draws the audience’s attention in. For example, Florida has one of the top highest rates for Covid-19 cases in the United States; bringing awareness towards the third vaccine has experts claiming that it will be a booster immunity towards the prevention of testing positive for Covid. Living in a pandemic, social gatherings, flu’s, and more Covid cases have risen tremendously however, preventative measures are being taken.

The American Marketing Association in Tampa Bay, provides information about hyperlocal marketing and the usage and resources of local markets that sell products and service accessible to residents residing in different communities. Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook Market, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and other platforms helps to bring visibility to small business owners around the Tampa Bay area to their local communities.

Lastly, the hyperlocal website focused on mostly political issues such as the Capitol Breach, as well as criminal charges against people. This website helps to bring awareness to the community as a whole about the poor actions taken by Florida resident members. For example, a man from Lakeland is wanted and will face federal charges for the Capitol breach that presided early this 2021.

4 thoughts on “Hyperlocal News

  1. Hey Alex! You did an excellent job summarizing the website you visited. Bay News 9 is one of my favorite news stations only because it reminds me of me and mom getting ready for school when I was a kid. I had no idea The American Marketing Association provides information about hyperlocal marketing. I feel so enlightened after reading your post!


  2. Hi Alex!
    Firstly, you did such an amazing job on this blog. You gave a lot of useful information about hyperlocal news and explained it clearly. Lastly, I have heard of Bay News 9 before but I will definitely check out the American Marketing Association and WTSP for hyperlocal news. Those are great finds! 

    Great job Alex!


  3. Hi Alex, I enjoyed reading your post. those sites are so beneficial to everyone especially to people who are visiting Tampa for the first time. these are great sites where you can learn more about the city.


  4. Hello Alex, I really liked your blog post providing such a beneficial point(s) of view for the people who want to visit Tampa for their first time ever. I like how you provided such great source news that connects to the local news where most people don’t pay attention but it reveals such great news’ topics and more. Great work.


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