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Exploration of NEWSY.COM

Exploring the many articles and videos of was very informational and interesting to learn about. Between political affairs, the health industry, and criminality the stories listed on are able to draw in their interested audience members. The three stories that will be the topic of this blog is the Civil Rights Pioneer Seeks Expungement of Arrest Record, Brian Laundrie’s Autopsy Results Come Back Inconclusive, and Texas Abortion Law Will Go To The Supreme Court.

“Claudette Clovin was arrested in 1955 for refusing to move to the back of a bus in segregated Alabama and never notified she’d completed probation.” Civil Rights Pioneer Seeks Expungement of Arrest Record. Now, this sounds very familiar just like the illustrious Rosa Parks. However, Claudette Colvin refused to move to the back of the bus in a segregated era 5 months before Rosa Parks did and Colvin has not been rightfully served justice as one of America’s unsung hero’s of the Civil Rights era. After being placed on probation and convicted for assaulting a police officer, Colvin never received notice that her terms of probation ended legally and is still haunted by her records.

With controversial medical topics, rules, and regulations the Texas abortion laws have been the newest center of attention since Covid-19. With abortion providers being sued in Texas pregnant women and abortion supporters are in a constant state of fear due to the lack of medical attention, medical conditions, funds, and more. Texas effectively banning abortion as early as six weeks and allowing citizens to sue abortion providers, has been the center of attention for not one but two lawsuits at the nation’s highest court. 

After the death of Gabby Petito, the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie was in high cognises until his body was found in Wyoming. The only person of interests’ body was inconclusive and the question, how Laundries death happened is currently unknown.

Although, NEWSY.COM is very informational, it is also very easy to navigate for first time users looking for research, daily news, and story tracking to stay up to date. Between laws changing within the political branches, medical research reaching new heights, and criminal cases being released to the public everyday NEWSY.COM is one of the best web pages for informational news internationally.

3 thoughts on “Exploration of NEWSY.COM

  1. Hello Alex. The stories you decided to write this blog post on were quite interesting to me as well. I especially liked how you included information from the Gabby Petito case with the results of Brian Laundry’s autopsy. I definitely agree that Newsy is a reliable source for receiving daily news.


  2. Hi Alex!
    This was a great review on Newsy. If I had no prior information on the news site, your blog would make me want to check it out. From their coverage of controversial and pressing news stories to their ease of access/use, the site seems like a reliable source of information. I think a lot of news media sites bank on catering to a certain audience which makes them a bit biased. What I like about Newsy is that they try to remain as unbiased as possible by just relaying the information directly to the public.


  3. Hello Alex, I loved your review on Newsy! I didn’t expect to learn about such a resourceful website that can provide information on what news should be heard about to the audience. Being a little bit biased is no problem but having certain facts in place for the audience to understand makes it reliable regarding how much bias there is on that specific news. Definitely will account Newsy as a reliable source for future papers on news and more. Great work!


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