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Interview Preparations

Preparing for the interview I held was definitely a challenge, and something I had to carefully plan out speaking with a high military official. Due to my parents being in the military and having government jobs I am well aware of how the military works to a small degree. Interviewing Lieutenant Colonel N’Keiba Estelle was an honor. The reason why I chose to interview Lt Col Estelle was to gain more knowledge and see her perspective on how being in the military has benefitted her life.

Focusing on medical, educational, and traveling in the interview also allowed for other readers who are deciding on joining the military, if it was something that they would consider. Many people I have spoken with who are currently in the military mostly joined for the benefits to have a better life. Such as, free medical care, free education, housing compensation, traveling to many countries, and more.

Challenges that arose when I interviewed Lt Col Estelle was to ask questions that did not center around her position in the Air Force. Interviewing a high military official must have readers questioning what role she is engaged with for the United States, however, due to the high security of her job it was not brought up and was avoided. However, I overcame these challenges by staying focused on the topic of military benefits and how it positively affected her life as well as her children’s lives as well.

2 thoughts on “Interview Preparations

  1. Hi Alex

    I’m so glad you were able to do this interview. I liked your choice of topics, especially personal life such as travel. Whoever wishes to enter the army, can use these question’s answers to know about the changes that will take place in their lives.


  2. Hi Alex, I am glad you could do the interview of your choice of person, which involves inspiration from your parents who were involved in the military. So, it makes sense how you managed to understand the boundaries, but also focus on what you were looking for in the interview. Not only for yourself but also for the audience who follows you to the point of interest. So, great job on the interview and keep it up, Alex.


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