Interview Questions

Joining the military may benefit your life in more ways than you know. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel N’Keiba Estelle, speaks on the benefits of joining the military and how well it benefited her life. Between medical care, education, travel, and career advancements the military was the best route for Lt Col Estelle.

Questions I would ask Lt Col Estelle are when did she first join the military? and why she joined the military? To gain background information on what led to her successful career being in the Air Force. Next I would ask how has receiving medical benefits helped her and her family? Is medical insurance free for military enlisted and officers? With many workers in the United States, not many employers can supply their workers with medical benefits, however, there are other ways in securing medical coverage if a person is eligible.

Education is very important in this modern age, however, tuition rates for college can be very pricey. With the extended benefits of the military, an enlisted or officers education can be paid for in full, is that true? Were you able to complete your education through the military using your G.I. Bill? Are you children able to reap the same benefits using the G.I. Bill as well since you are an active duty soldier in the Air Force? Asking insightful questions that will influence readers to possibly join the military, highlighting the main probable benefits to many adults such as medical and educational benefits.

Working with the Air Force, were you able to travel just for work or could you enjoy some of your off days sightseeing wherever you were stationed at? Where were some of the places you traveled too? Since Covid-19 beginning back in 2019, how has that affected your usage of traveling, and receiving medical care since the ongoing rise of Covid-19 cases globally?

7 thoughts on “Interview Questions

  1. Hello Alex! This is an interesting perspective to look at with the military. I have heard of the many benefits that come from joining the military from others. I love how you provided a lot of information with this post. Good Luck!


  2. Hi Alex,

    These questions all seem like they would lead to a very interesting invterview. There are thousands of reasons why one might join the military, so it would be interesting to learn from someone’s own words why they chose that path. The questions about medical bills and tuition could lead to an especially interesting point of discussion, as many go into the military with the main factor in their decision being financial help. I hope your interview with Lt. Col Estelle went well.


  3. Hi Alex,

    I think this interview is going to be really good. All of the questions you ask are really in depth and I think you will get really good information. I think this interview could convince some people to want to join the military because of all the benefits that you can get. This will be a really good story!


  4. Hi Alex,
    This is going to be such a great interview! Our military is so important and they should have access to free benefits all around. Unfortunately, so many of our service members go without basic needs even after they sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. I am especially interested in hearing her perspective on being in the military during COVID-19 and how that affected her.


  5. Hey Alex. I love the topic you chose and your reasoning behind the story. What I like most about this is asking them how it has affected them during COVID-19. I am curious myself about all of these and I cannot wait to see what you do with this story.


  6. Hey Alex, I believe the interview questions are very intriguing towards Lt. Col Estelle, but also for the audience in the military and the whole world watching the interview since it represents a narrow view for reasons to joining the military. As well as, getting more answers for your own personal curiosity. I think this interview would go really well and would benefit a lot of other people who have the same questions, so keep up the good work.


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