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9-Year-Old Child Bride Was Rescued

9-year-old girl, Parwana Malik was rescued from an immoral child marriage, and was safely brought to Afghanistan by an aid group that saves children from child marriages. During her journey to safety, Parwana said, “I am really happy.”

Parwana and other young girls were about to be sold into child marriages to older gentlemens by their fathers so that other members of their family could eat. With winter coming abruptly, small amounts of family income, and less food for families poor families are beginning to panic. Marriages under the age of 15 is illegal nationwide, however, it has been commonly acceptable for years, especially in more rural parts of Afghanistan. Since the rise of famine and desperation, families have been torn apart.

According to CNN Anna Coren and Rebecca Wright they have both written a statement in their article that, “Usually there is a lot of misery, there is a lot of mistreatment, there is a lot of abuse involved in these things,” said from Seraj. Those young girls are forced into marriage and die during childbirth because their bodies are too small to cope with the stress and childbearing and birthing. “Some of them can’t take it. They mostly die pretty young” Seraj claimed.

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