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Get started Travis Scott Faces Lawsuits After 8 Die At Astroworld Festival

For my story assignment 4, the story I will be focusing on is the devastating tragedy that happened at Travis Scott, the hip-hop sensations Astroworld Festival.

Travis Scott is a lit hip-hop artist, but is he lit and hip enough to help stop future tragedies from happening? More than 50,000 fans attended the Astroworld Festival in Texas, however, only 8 died and a few thousand people had minor injuries. What can all entertainment artist’s do to help stop future incidents from happening at their concerts and festivals? Ways artists can help stop futures incidents from occurring or help engage in emergencies is to stop the performance, make note to their audience that an emergency is happening in the crowd, and ask them to please make some space so they may receive the proper medical attention.

Facing several lawsuits, Travis Scott has fans that could attest to the horrific incidents that occured. Fans claimed that “the concert was so packed it was hard to breathe as people pushed closer to the stage.” The situation should have been handled better with both the artists performing, as well as authority, and technicians working their job. With several videos surfacing the internet preventative measures could have been taken to possible save the lives of the 8 people who died.


6 thoughts on “ Travis Scott Faces Lawsuits After 8 Die At Astroworld Festival

  1. Hi Alex,
    This is a very interesting and relevant topic that you can wrote a story on. What happened at Astroworld was extremely tragic, and the way these events are held need to be safer. These kinds of tragedies are extremely preventable, and the fact that they still happen is a shame. Not only artists, but the security, the event holders, everyone who organized the event should be held accountable for not taking proper precautions.


  2. Hello Alex. This is a great topic to complete your story assignment on. The situation with the Travis Scott concert have been all over social media and the news for the past few days. There are many fans that can confirm what happened at the concert as you stated especially on social media apps like TikTok.


  3. Hey Alex,
    This was a great topic to write on. Travis Scott is one of the biggest names in hip-hop and this incident is making him look really bad.The whole situation was handled poorly and it’s sad to see the people that lost their lives because of it. Seeing and reading the different stories on social media of what took place in the crowd was sad and will probably leave people a little more hesitant to go to concerts with large amounts of people.


  4. Hi Alex! I also did my NEWSY story on the Travis Scott concert. It is a shame that people lost their lives and that many people were severely injured. After this came into the news, many videos surfaced of others artists properly dealing with situations similar to this one. I think it is great you are shining a light on this.


  5. Hello,

    I really like the angle that you are taking on this by discussing how Travis Scott and other sensational artists could prevent this from happening again. Great angle and great job!


  6. Hello Alex, I really liked your point of view in discussing the horrible tragedies in the Astroworld festival of Travis Scott concert. Many other videos became to resurface to point out what a crowd should be doing in a concert, especially in a situation where people are collapsing or being drugged without other people knowing.
    It is a shame but a great topic in today’s news for the people to know about the safety measures that are taken in action in a concert for their benefit of enjoying a concert and not having tragedies like this happen. Great work Alex!


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