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Heroism is for those who have protected, fought, and stood up for our country such as the brave military on the battlefields, those who fight wars in cyber within communication squadrons, skilled interpreters, medical care providers, and more. For her bravery, leadership, critical thinking, and strategic mindset, the woman I would like to interview is Air Force Lieutenant Colonel N’Keiba Estelle on her position as the Commander, 6th Communications Squadron, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida; a unit with over 25 Airmen, civilians and contractors. After the death of her husband in April 2011 at the Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, in a surprise attack which killed Maj Raymond Gray Estelle II and seven other Airmen and one contractor, Lt Col Estelle decided to stay in the Air Force.  Nearly 8 years after his death, she took command of the 6th Communication Squadron which was their first unit as officers. 

Given the honor to interview Lt Col N’Keiba Estelle, questions I would ask are as follows: 

– What were some of the roles you endured in commanding over 220 personnel? 

– How did it make you feel to take command of the 6th Communication Squadron and work from the building that was named after your husband, Maj Estelle? 

– Having two children, was it hard to manage your home and work life balance after the loss of your husband? 

– What are ways you and your family honor your late husband?

Thank you, Lt Col N’Keiba Estelle, for your service and diligence to our country. 

5 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Hi Alex, I think this post is very powerful especially after the news in Kabul recently. Her loss of her husband and other airmen is devastating especially while serving, I couldn’t imagine being in her position. I do think it is awesome how she is commanding the 6th communication squadron while also managing to take care of her family and more. I really liked the questions you picked as well and how you picked someone local. Their service and sacrifices are appreciated!


  2. Hey Alex! I love your choice, Colonel N’Keiba Estelle, sounds like an amazing and strong person. I can not imagine the many trials and tribulations she went through after all of tragic and terrible events happened. I really liked the inclusion of what questions you would ask her within your interview. I thought there was a progression from getting to know her to more intimate questions which I like. With asking intimate questions, we get insight to the reality of the person, both emotionally and mentally, rather than just surface level information.


  3. Hi Alex

    I really enjoyed reading your interview. the story of Colonel N’Keiba Estelle is really inspirational. I really liked the questions you pick, they focused on her personal experience and how she overcame all the challenges she faced. I think selecting an interviewee like Colonel N’Keiba Estelle ( inspirational ) is very important to make a positive impact on other individuals.


  4. Hi Alex, I really liked how you expressed yourself about the interview of the story of Colonel N’keiba Estelle which motivates upright on the focus of her life and experiences in her life towards her audience. I think that an interview with a Colonel is one that can teach many lessons in life, and I can tell you from experience because my grandfather was (or is) a Colonel. And, he had many experiences, especially anecdotes that he still tells me to this day as a lesson for life nowadays.


  5. Hey Alex! I really liked how you expressed yourself about the interview of the story of Colonel N’keiba Estelle which motivates upright on the focus of her life and experiences in her life towards your audience. Every interview should be able to meet the perspective of the person who is being interviewed with respect but mostly with the intention of pursuing some kind of mindset of the blogger’s goal. Keep it up!


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