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By: Alex Knox

Hey everyone, how are you? My name is Alex Knox, and I am 24 years old. I recently graduated Hillsborough Community College with my associates degree in Communications this summer of 2021. Now some of you may be wondering, “Well why is she taking classes at HCC still?” Well to answer your question I am working on classes towards my bachelors degree that are transferrable to any four year University such as FSU, USF, and UF. I am still making my decision on where to apply too and applying to many scholarships to help pay for my tuition. The many things that interest me are self-defense such as boxing, being an advocate for self-care, domestic violence survivors, how to overcome depression and anxiety, mental health awareness and many more; all topics that I will be blogging about. My views in life are to have fun while you’re alive, never give up on any of your dreams that are obtainable, and try new things every once in awhile. YOLO, you only live once! With my optimistic view on life and my many goals, I will be able to continue building my business so that it will be successful, obtain my Bachelors and Masters degree, learn a new language fluently by the age of 27, and of course travel the world for fun and pleasure. Like I said, “You only live once. So, live it well.” Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Alex, just wanted to say that this was a great introduction of yourself. I find it awesome that you’ve taken self-defense classes such as boxing. I think everyone should know some form of self-defense, So good for you! Also Learn to speak a new language fluently by age 27, that is a great goal!


  2. Hello Alex. Graduating HCC and getting your associate’s degree is such a big accomplishment and taking the time to choose the four-year college you will be applying to is really smart. I, too, am interested in self-care and mental health awareness, which are fascinating topics to blog about. That view is so open-minded and one that I agree with as well. The saying “you only live once” is one that I’ve been saying a lot lately so what a coincidence it was in this post.


  3. Hey Alex! Congratulations on getting your associates degree!! That is awesome! I have seven more classes left until I get my degree!!! Have you narrowed it down university wise? Are any sticking out to you?


  4. Hi Alex! I think that’s awesome the things that you are interested in and are apart of and that it’s such a wide variety of things. I like your outlook on life because so many people are so caught up in work and their jobs and they never stop to just enjoy life and have fun. I hope you get into the University that you want and I know your business will be successful with the mindset you have.


  5. Hi Alex, I think the motivation in which you are seeking your bachelors’ degree is more than impressive and encouraging to others that have the same vision, and interests such as how to overcome depression and anxiety through mental health awareness. I believe you have a great goal and are determined to make it happen just by reading your introduction about yourself. Keep up the great mindset you have, and overall as you said, “You only live once, so live it well.”


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